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„The exemplary compliance and enforcement of

the Constitution, laws, honesty, fairness and morality

stood at the foundation of my entire activity.”


Short biography of Mr. VICTOR CIORBEA, Romanian Ombudsman

He was born in 1954, he is married and she has a daughter.

1979 - 1992: Graduated with Summa Cum Laude, valedictorian in Romania, of the Faculty of Law - Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca; Post-graduate studies (Master) with Summa Cum Laudae in Civil Law, Labour Law, Economic Law and Civil Procedure Law - Faculty of Law - University of Bucharest; PhD exams and papers with Summa Cum Laudae, Faculty of Law - University of Bucharest; Management studies at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


1979 - 1984: Judge - District Court 5, Bucharest, specialized in civil cases.


1984 - 1988: Prosecutor in Civil Judicial Direction of General Prosecutor’s Office (General Prosecutor’s Office).


1984 - 1992: Teacher at the Faculty of Law - University of Bucharest, specialized in Civil and Economic Law.


1990 - 1996: President and Founder of the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Education (FSLI); President and Founder of the National Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Romania (CNSRL), and then after the merger with Confederation "Brotherhood", President of the National Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Romania "Brotherhood" (CNSRL - "Brotherhood"); President and Founder of Democratic Trade Union Confederation of Romania (CSDR); Member of the Executive Committee of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and Negotiator for FSLI, CNSRL - "Brotherhood" and CSDR nationally and internationally.

In these trade unions functions, among others, he had an essential contribution on setting up the democratic trade union movement in Romania; in elaborating the first draft normative act regarding the reform in education by reducing teaching workload, the number of pupils and students in the classroom etc., of the first union legislation in Romania, and the new labor laws. He also negotiated with organizations and Government first collective agreement at national level in our history and some of the first collective agreements at branch level.


1994 - 1996: Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Convention of Romania (CDR), respectively Member of the leading bodies of the Civic Alliance.


1996 -1998: General Mayor of Bucharest

He had outstanding achievements in fighting corruption, achieving investments and starting privatization procedures of some of the autonomous administration subordinated to CGMB. He also set up numerous projects in Bucharest, which are available today, such as "Bucharest 2000" (construction of the new center of the city), "Restoring the historic center", Japanese projects for building ring roads in Bucharest etc.

1996 -1998: The Prime Minister of Romania

In this position, along with members of Government and the parliamentary majority, he developed and adopted numerous laws in almost all areas, many of which, with minor modifications, are now in force, and he made fundamental reforms in all areas of economic, political, social, cultural life etc.

Thus, in economical field, in order to avoid national economic collapse and to ensure the transition to a market economy, he took a number of measures, among which: liberalization of prices, along with the liberalization of the exchange rate and exchange trades; amendment and implementing legislation concerning real and accelerated privatization of companies and regulations and important changes in various areas of commercial law; transforming the autonomous administration in trading companies, restructuring the economy: only in mining sector 100,000 employees left this field at their request, in return for substantial payments and of the fact that he negotiated with international financial organizations large amounts for employing dismissed people for execution of some works regarding ecological closure of mines, preparation of highway construction etc.

Along with National Bank of Romania he injected a capital of $ 1 billion into the banking system, they restored temporarily the country’s foreign reserves, they reopened Romania’s cooperation with the IMF and WB, and they improved regulations on the activity of NBR etc.

At the same time, he made important reforms in various fields, among which: in political field he led the first democratic Government of Romania, which included for the first time representatives of the Hungarian minority; in the administrative field he adopted the first legal document which decentralized many responsibilities to local government bodies and with very minor modifications, is currently in force, as well as the draft Law on Local Public Finance; in the education field, he adopted the Statute of teachers, granting them a more appropriate salary; he reformed the health system by introducing health care insurance after "Bismarck model" and the welfare system: thus, in addition to severance payments for those dismissed, he introduced pro active measures to combat unemployment, he granted for the first time paid maternity leave for two years for raising the children etc.; he changed the entire legislation on adoption and care system for children in need; he took action for continuing justice reform and adequate remuneration of magistrates; he established a system of social dialogue at all levels and a Department for relation with civil society (NGOs etc.); he created together with employers and unions, a true social partnership and tripartitism in Romania, by setting up the Economic and Social Council and other tripartite structures etc. At the same time, the Law on the organization and functioning of the Ombudsman in Romania was adopted.

In the field of foreign policy he contributed to Romania's decisive pro-Western orientation, pro NATO and pro EU.


1999 - 2004: President of a Christian Democratic political party.


2004 - 22 April 2014: President and Lawyer of SCPA “Ciorbea Victor & Ciorbea Lacrima” of the Bucharest Bar Association.

2012 - April 2014: Senator of the National Liberal Party in College no. 7 – Bucharest and Vice-president of the National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy - ANRM.



1990 - present: Awarded and decorated by various states, national and international organizations, foundations, NGOs, media etc.

1990 - present: Co-operation with various national and international organizations and institutions.




Territorial Offices